Soviet Naval Battles

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Re: Soviet Naval Battles

Post by igorr » 25 Sep 2020 05:13

Correct name CNR-1468. It was blown in Eupatoria, but not 11.4.44, only 17/4/44 according to SeeTra Chef Schwarzmeer.
At 21.30 TKA Nr. 14 and 104 put in sea from Skadowsk and at 23.38 they fired 3 torpedoes against one MFP. Also they see a cutter near MFP but didn't fired upon them. Claim was 1 sunk MFP. From german side there was F.583 on Vorpostenstreife. In 23.00 attack of MTB 10 miles NO Ak-Metschet. Attack repelled with strong fire from all guns. MTB make smoke and retreat. No words about torpedoes.
11.4.44 from Skadowsk two groups put to sea: TKA Nr. 86 with rockets and conv. TKA Nrs. 14 and 85 in one, TKA Nrs. 94 and 104 in second. In 23.50 first group meets enemy (2 MFP and many little crafts). After maneuvering in 00.15 TKA Nr. 14 claims one MFP sunk with 1 torpedo, TKA Nr. 86 - one cutter sunk with RS-projectiles. No losses from soviet side. Actually this was again F.583, this time evacuating pioniere after they blows port of Ak-Metschet. They headed Sewastopol, enemy encountered 23.20 in point 45.17 - 32.41. Attack repelled with strong defensive fire, no losses on MFP.
F.122 with F.561 leaves Ak-Metschet 15.15 and headed Sewastopol. Looks like they reported no hostiles.

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