90th Border Guard Detachment NKVD in 1941

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90th Border Guard Detachment NKVD in 1941

Post by GregSingh » 05 Aug 2013 03:04

Organisation of the 90th Border Guard Detachment:

HQ at Владимир-Волынский, Włodzimierz Wołyński, Volodymyr-Volynskyi

1 Border Command at Устилуг, Uściług, Ustyluh

1 outpost at Корытница, Korytnica, Korytnytsya
2 outpost at Чернявка, Czerniawka, does not exist today - Horodło is on the other side of river Bug
3 outpost at Выдрянка, Wydranka, today called Parkhomenkove
4 outpost at Устилуг, Uściług, Ustyluh
1 reserve outpost at Устилуг, Uściług, Ustyluh

2 Border Command at Лудин, Łudzin, Ludyn

5 outpost at Черников, Czerników, Chornykiv
6 outpost at Выгаданка, Wygadanka, these days merged with Ambuków and called Ambukiv
7 outpost at Цуцнив, Cucniów, does not exist today
8 outpost at Михеле, Michale, Mykhalje
2 reserve outpost at Лудин, Łudzin, Ludyn

3 Border Command at Мышев, Myszów, Myshiv

9 outpost at Кречев, Krzeczów, Krechiv
10 outpost at Литовиж, Litowiż, Lytovezh
11 outpost at Забcлотцы, Zabołotce, Zabolottsi
12 outpost at хутор Ромош, kolonia Romosz, Romosh
3 reserve outpost at Мышев, Myszów, Myshiv

4 Border Command at Сокаль, Sokal

13 outpost at Скоморохи, Skomorochy, Skomorokhy
14 outpost at Сокаль, Sokal
15 outpost at Поторица, Poturzyca, Potorytsya
16 outpost at Потужица Вулька, Poturzycka Wólka, today called Velykyi
4 reserve outpost at Сокаль, Sokal

Crossing Point crew at Устилуг, Uściług, Ustyluh
Mobile group at Владимир-Волынский, Volodymyr-Volynskyi
Transport company at Владимир-Волынский
Communication company at Владимир-Волынский
Engineer platoon at Владимир-Волынский

Detachment defended Soviet-German border along Западный Буг (Western Bug river) between Korytnica (Korytnytsya)
and Poturzycka Wólka (Velykyi).

Main Red Army units in the border area were:
87 Rifle Division (16,96,283 rifle regiments)
124 Rifle Division (406,622,781 rifle regiments)
Fortified Areas No 2 and No 4 were located along the river Bug.

German forces from north to south in the area of the Detachment:
298.ID from XVII.AK
XXIX.AK (44.ID, 168.ID, 299.ID)
LV.AK (111.ID, 75.ID, 57.ID)
297.ID from XXXXIV.AK
and behind them Panzergruppe 1

1:100000 Grossblatt Nr.385 Sokal and Nr.377 Chełm, both from March 1941, cover the area on both
sides of the border.

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