Baltic Fleet Submarine L-21

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Re: Baltic Fleet Submarine L-21

Post by jringbom » 07 Mar 2019 09:24

Thanks again Igorr!

1. Then I guess its the time of when the two were rescued wich was about two o´clock so it makes sence!

2. And regarding the "two" ships, thanks. Thats what I thought.

Reason of asking is that I have read an article of a former swedish colonel and he is boasting very proudly
how soviet log and attack reports always were exagerated, changed, and false, and he use these "facts" to prove that the Varia (wich of course was military at the time) wasnt at the scene. Im very disapointed since I thaught a former colonel would be a bit more educated.
He is actually trying to convince that the document of L-21 is false, wich to me a historian is terrible.
(I have argued with him at some lectures about this.)
He is refering to what he says is the actual attack report translated by some russian speaking friend. I havent seen this translated attack report myself.

So Im actually writing a book on the incident and Im just trying to get the story straight.

This is all vey good info and i couldt thank you enough.

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Re: Baltic Fleet Submarine L-21

Post by igorr » 22 Jul 2019 03:19

Looks like i was wrong in later statement and L-21 actually DID see second ship from which it crash-dived. Mogilevsky think it was watchboat.

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