Attack reports on swedish ships 1940-1945

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Re: Attack reports on swedish ships 1940-1945

Post by lupodimare89 » 21 Mar 2019 11:16

Latest evaluation i found came from the official Russian Navy site from 2011:
Quite interestingly, in short it claim S-2 possibly suffered mine damage and was later involved in the action with Aura-II on 13 January, raising the possibility it was sunk by direct surface action. One detail for this reason appears to be expent carridge found in place of wreck.

On page 2 there are even more amazing (if real) reconstruction of events:
In short, it claims S-2 shelled (and even sunk) Aura-II, just to be in return heavily damaged by Tursas with depth charges; later observed by Finnish planes leaving a oil trail and eventually sunk.
The article report also some Swedish claims including 1) Swedish destroyer actions 2)Own Swedish field

It remains unexplained why submarine lingered for ten days if received serious mine damage.
Article speak of alleged signals on 14 January (one day after Aura-II last battle).

A topic was started here at the time but without further development:

I could try dig if there was some specific discussion about S-2 and a more neutral assessment.

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