The Amur river during the Civil War?

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The Amur river during the Civil War?

Post by koczownik » 08 Apr 2019 21:38

I am curious to know if during the Russian Civil War there was any activity by belligerent vessels on the Amur river? It would seem to me that this river, since it links with the Okhotsk Sea and thus the Pacific Ocean, could have had potential to be a supply line for the White Army troops who were operating inland around Manchuria/Mongolia, if they could get vessels that far upriver from near the coast. But I do not know enough about Civil War events in this region to say.

Was there any naval fighting between Whites and Reds for the Amur during the Civil War, or any supply activities by either side on this waterway?

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Re: The Amur river during the Civil War?

Post by lupodimare89 » 11 Apr 2019 16:05

When I researched the subject on some Russian books, it appears there was direct combat activity at all in Amur river betwen opposing vessels.
Soviet forces briefly took possession of riverine ships, but most of them were either scuttled facing the enemy advance or captured in harbor by the Japanese in September 1918. I think the Whites and Japanese made use of rivers for resupply and transport, but honestly i do not recall details.

I found no trace of other potential fighting in rivers during the final offensives in 1922, but i should stress that's not a subject extensively covered in modern naval russian literature (Far East in general).

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