Shock Armies

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Jeff Leach
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Shock Armies

Post by Jeff Leach » 20 Jun 2019 14:35

Maybe I have been living under a rock but I didn't know that Shock Armies were considered 'Guard' formations.

СБОРНИК приказов и директив Ставки Верховного Главнокомандования, ЩО СССР, ЩВМФ СССР, Генерального штаба и начальников родов войск О преобразовании объединений, соединений, частей и кораблей в гвардейские и о сформировании гвардейских частей, соединений и объединений. МИНИСТЕРСТВО ОБОРОНЫ СОЮЗА ССР. МОСКВА 1970-1974. The Soviet Ministry of Defense's collection of documents concerning Soviet Guard formations.

Does anyone know if they were given benefits of the other 'Guard Armies' (pay at least)?

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Re: Shock Armies

Post by Art » 23 Jun 2019 10:45

Salaries of soldiers were double of the normal level, ans salaries of officers and NCOs - 50% above normal. The same rule was established in regard of shock armies. See, for example, Stavka's directive on renaming 60 Army as 3rd Shock Army (25.12.41), and renaming of 27 Army as 4 Shock Army (25.12.41). Later in 1942 the same benefits were extended to anti-tank artillery (NKO order of 1 July 1942).

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Der Alte Fritz
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Re: Shock Armies

Post by Der Alte Fritz » 06 Jul 2019 15:31

The original plan was to give them better - woollen uniforms, however there were so many Guards and Shock and elite formations formed that the plan was dropped and they got shoulder boards instead.

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