What is 'UGT' Explosive

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What is 'UGT' Explosive

Post by Jeff Leach » 05 Sep 2019 13:24

I was reading a document (55th Rifle Corps, Artillery Operational Report, 15 July 1941 (ф.943 оп.1 д5 лл.54)) and they mention UGT explosive, what is it?

В 18:00 11.07.41 при стрельбе по батарее противника в районе выс. 256.0 не разорвались 12 - 107 мм снарядов-снаряды-старая граната, взрывателим УГТ (опер-сводка гр. АДД-130) в 15:00 14.07 1 дивизион вел огонь по НП противника, на выс. 256.0 НП был подавлен.

Действие старой гранаты и взрыватоля УГТ было хорошее.

They are talking about some dud 107 mm shells. The 107 mm guns should be from the 437th Corps Artillery Regiment supporting the 130th Rifle Division and part of the Long-Range Artillery Group 130 (АДД-130).

Looking at it again they might be saying, '12 old type shell with UGT explosive were duds'.

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Re: What is 'UGT' Explosive

Post by Art » 05 Sep 2019 15:59

A type of impact fuse:
The text says that 12 107-mm shells with UGT fuse didn't explode.

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