Submarien L-3/Grischenko

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Submarien L-3/Grischenko

Post by jringbom » 30 Sep 2019 18:08

Reading HMA.
The sub L-3 and Grischenko seems to be a tricky fish?

Why are som many questionsmarks regarding this particular sub?
Its not only in 1941, but in 1942 and -43 as well.

Example below...
Is there no log available for L-3?

O 19.11.1941 sj L-3 ? M dt Henny 764 BRT + 55.43n 21.02e
O 22.11.1941 sj L-3 ? M sw Uno 439 BRT + 3sm vor Memel
O 26.11.1941 sj L-3 ? M dt Egeran 1142 BRT + vor Memel

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Re: Submarien L-3/Grischenko

Post by igorr » 01 Oct 2019 02:24

All questions arises from uncertainty of mine barrages. L-3 laid mines 27.6 very close to german defensive barrage near Memel, so it is very hard to decide, which mines are deathly to these 3 ships. Same in 1942. As about 1943 - i didn't know any questions. Sub stay still all year, it sailed only at 10.44.

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Re: Submarien L-3/Grischenko

Post by jringbom » 03 Oct 2019 13:26

Yes, of course. I forgot about the mines...
Sorry, it was a misprint regarding 1943... I refered to L-3 in 1944-45 but I suppose its the same. Mines...


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Re: Submarien L-3/Grischenko

Post by lupodimare89 » 04 Oct 2019 19:39

The latest updated list (from Russian sites) it's this (for a total of 10-12 victories, top Soviet sub. result in term of numbers) :
By torpedo:
18.Aug.42 C.F. Liljevalch
17.Apr.45 Goya
19.Apr.45 unnamed minesweeping boat attached to ship MRS-11

By mine:
28.Aug.42 Walter
17.Nov.42 Hindenburg
30.Nov.42 Dirschau (likely)
9. Dec.42 Edith Bosselmann
5. Feb.43 Tristan (possible, on old mines)
6. Feb.43 Grundzee (possible, on old mines)
14.Nov.44 training ship Albert Leo Schlageter (damaged)
20.Nov.44 torpedo boat T-34 (a rare medium-size warship victim of soviet sub. fleet)
29.Jan.45 Henry Lütgens

The above-mentioned 1941's losses (Kaija, Henny, Uno, Egeran) are now usually assigned to German mines.
Merchant Franz Bohmke (sometimes assigned to L-3) was lost on storm 1942, while submarine U-416 sank on British mines.
For the last year of war, Pollux, M-3138 and Jersbek all assigned to other mines.

Currently there is also a relatively new info on German forum/discussion about another small merchant named Johanna (143 grt), lost on 21.Oct.42 on L-3 mines or British air-dropped mines. Very little info of this ship, likely from its ex-Dutch origins.

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