Soviet sub. baltic route?

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Soviet sub. baltic route?

Post by jringbom » 20 Oct 2019 13:20

Just discovered
Would this be considered a reliable/serious source?

How ever, in Sweden its considered that the route taken by L-21 on the 23-24 of november 1944 would be some what a quick solution (to the malfunction with mine nr 17 stuck inside) to get back to Åbo.
But isnt it likely that this route (west of Gotland instead of east) was used frequently to get too and from Kronstadt/Leningrad by many of sov. subs patroling the southern parts of the Baltic?
The K-52 at least (and L-21 as well) used that route in their campaign.

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Re: Soviet sub. baltic route?

Post by igorr » 21 Oct 2019 03:30 AFAIK based on old M. Morozov books. It reliable enough but has no late time corrections and additions.

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