Couple Questions about the Late-War VVS

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Couple Questions about the Late-War VVS

Post by Jeff Leach » 05 Sep 2020 08:54

I have a couple of questions about the VVS that I am having trouble finding good sources for

1.) Shtat, especially for the division and corps and army HQs couldn't be found. Even thes date for the shtats are also hard to find and uncertain. There are a number of regimental shtats online (here are some examples and Все истребительные авиаполки Сталина. Первая полная энциклопеди has most of the fighter shtats). I do have some organizational diagrams that give the shtat number for the air army as 02/284 and 015/428, air corps as 036/302 and 015/281, air divisions as 036/303 and 015/145.

2.) Mobile RUS-2 radar units with front aviation. I have included two diagrams, showing mobile RUS-2 units with the 2 VA in May 1944. This was totally new information for me. Can anyone give anymore information. Most web pages only talk about stationary units or ship-mounted units. The records of the 2 VA (example Обзор боевых действий 2 ВА в составе 1 УкрФ, с 01.05.1944 по 31.05.1944 г., 80 pages, [TsAMO f.302 op.4196 d.82] and [TsAMO f.302 op.4196 d.73].) do talk about the use of these units during the month. It might be the radar is employed by a special signals units (if so does anyone know what units they were) and not part of front aviation.

3.) Also in the diagram are some VNOS units. Anyone know anything about the VNOS units employed with front aviation.

2 VA fighter aviations division's defensive sectors - shows the employment of the RUS-2 radars (its on page 39)

signal network of 10 GvIAvK, which shows both the RUS-2 and VNOS units. (its on page 41)

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