Assassination of German refugees in Tachkent (dec 41)

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Assassination of German refugees in Tachkent (dec 41)

Post by DavidFrankenberg » 20 Aug 2023 15:45


Count Heinrich von Einsidel (1921-2007) tells in his book Tagebuch der Versuchung. 1942 – 1950 (1950) :

Einsidel was a German pilot, an ace, captured by the soviets at the beginning of the battle of Stalingrad. He joined the antiHitler committee. He met other antinazi germans during a trip to Kazan (June 43). Among them Friedrich Wolf.

Friedrich Wolf was German communist refugee in USSR. When the war broke out, he was part of the association of writers. During the battle for Moscow, he was evacuated to Kazan. The rumour said that Stalin was dead. Many feared the USSR collapsed. Wolf and the other German refugees talked about the best way to suicide in order not to be captured by the nazis.
At the same time, the popular republic of tartars who ruled Kazan wanted to expulse them. Finally they were not expelled. But Friedrich Wolf told about an other group of German refugees who have been killed by starvation in Tachkent.

Who knows more about this ?

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