Red Army Manpower

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Red Army Manpower

Post by ZackdeBlanc » 23 Sep 2002 03:58

Does anybody know how many Soviets actually fought in the Red Army during World War 2? I mean, numbers for soldiers in the Wehrmacht, US Army, Bristih Army, French Army and Japanese Army can be found but I have never seen any numbers saying just how many men and women fought in the Red Army during World War 2.

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Post by Caldric » 23 Sep 2002 06:44

Overy in Russia's War puts total:

Military Mobilization at 29.57 Million
Total Manpower including other agencies: 34.47 Million

Of which total loses dead/pow/missing: 11.44 Million.
Killed in Action: 6.88 Million
Total Dead 1941-1945 8.66 Million
Total Medical Casualties: 18.34 Million

He uses several sources main one being J. Erickson, Soviet War Loses.

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