foreigners serving in the red army

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Post by Starinov » 11 Oct 2002 17:55

Phaethon wrote:
gott wrote:
Phaethon wrote:A little known Austrian called Adolf Hitler served in the Red Army in 1919.


After WWI, Hitler was stationed in Munich when Bavaria was briefly declared as a Socialist Republic. In May 1919 the German Army (Freikorps) entered Munich and the 'Republic' ended. Hitler was arrested on suspicion of being part of the revolution but managed to worm his way out of it by identifying soldiers who were part of the uprising. It is not known to what extent Hitler was involved, however papers have been discovered which record the results of an election of commissars in which someone by the name of "Hittler" gained 19 votes. Thus it is suggested that Adolf Hitler had a brief career in the Red Army of the Bavarian Socialist Republic.

By the way, Some interesting facts, In Smolny, in 1923, The Soviets decided that a Revolution will start in Europe, in Germany especially, since it was the key to Europe. It was supposed to start on November 9th 1923. A small party started a putch on November 9th in Germany, the NSDAP. The party, in those days were much more a socialist party than a national party. I wonder if those facts are related.

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Post by Korbius » 11 Oct 2002 18:41

These are some of the pics that my grandfather took while he and his brigade(8th offensive brigade), was chasing the retreating germans from Greece, into Albania and then Yugoslavia. This brigade was Albanian, and came under the command of the Red Army after Albania was liberated and we agreed to help in the cause against the Germans in other occupied countries. As you can see, the uniforms are mainly russian, and the MP-40s, captured from germans. My grandfather(on the top pic) is on the left side crouching, and in the second pic, he is the first on the right side.
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Post by Daniel L » 11 Oct 2002 18:56

Thanks for sharing the photos Korbius.


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Post by Gott » 12 Oct 2002 03:29

great pics korbius.

There were Koreans in the Red Army which fought in Stalingrad. Any info on that?

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Post by Davey Boy » 12 Oct 2002 13:08

johnny_bi wrote:Proud while his family was sent to Siberia ? Kind a weird thing , isn't it ? What was the reason of his pride ?


He was proud of fighting with other Poles against Nazi swine, not that the Soviets shipped our family to Siberia.

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Post by White_Trader » 29 Dec 2002 03:28

my grandfather was also a member of the red army. He was a logistic comander in the headquaters of the red army in Kosovo. He was also a saboteur and he was active mostly in the Gjakova(djakova) region.

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Post by ISU-152 » 02 Jan 2003 10:01

Phaethon wrote:A little known Austrian called Adolf Hitler served in the Red Army in 1919.

:) K.

Last I checked his name is Adolf Shicklegruber. There was no such person as Adolf Hitler in 1919.

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Post by Tomster » 03 Jan 2003 23:24

And how about the 81st squadron and 134th squadron of the RAF which fought at the Murmansk area to cover the routes of the British convoys to Murmansk in october 1941? But I don't know exactly if they were onder Russian supreme command. Who has more information about this? When the British pilotes went back to England they left the Hawker Hurricanes Mk IIB's for the Russians.

here is an interesting picture, where the markings of the RAF are still visible under the wings beneath the red star:


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Post by Alexey » 04 Jan 2003 14:49

ISU-152 wrote:
Phaethon wrote:A little known Austrian called Adolf Hitler served in the Red Army in 1919.

:) K.

Last I checked his name is Adolf Shicklegruber. There was no such person as Adolf Hitler in 1919.

He never was Shiklegruber. His father was, but about 13 years before Hitler`s birth his grandfather finally confirmed Alois as a son, so Hitler was Hitler from the beginning.
By the way, check this, if you didn`t read it before: (in Russian)
Nice anti-icebreaker article.

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