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Post by Anthony EJW » 23 Oct 2002 22:16

Logan Hartke wrote:LEASED?!?! We bought most of those islands from you with 99 destroyers. You guys got a bargain.

Logan Hartke
The bases were leased for 99 years. Britain recieved for this, 50 WW1 vintage destroyers (the "Four pipers", known in British service as the Town Class.) Before use they needed refitting to cope with Atlantic conditions, but they were still obsolete and proved fairly unsuccessful as u-boat hunters. Many of the class alsosuffered from mechanical problems, and were eventually relegated to the torpedo training role.

They filled a badly needed gap, but they were hardly a bargin.

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Post by Landser » 24 Oct 2002 02:29

So you were getting a few lemons
ala Detroit,you know there are Lemon Laws in the States which garranty you fair reimbursement. :)

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