Waffen SS officers breeches

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Waffen SS officers breeches

Post by Jawol » 21 Jan 2023 03:26

What colors and types of breeches were worn with this m35-m36 tunic during the Second World War ? Attached is a photo of the tunic. Would stone grey breeches be the norm, or feld grau breeches? Assuming this is a gabardine tunic
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Re: Waffen SS officers breeches

Post by von thoma » 22 Jan 2023 00:11

The M36 trousers had been made in " stone grey " wool, but the National Socialist government ordered an end to the production
of stone grey wool to simplify the wartime production supply line.

The Army adopted this enforced change in early 1940 and the first M40 field grey trousers began to appear around the time of
the campaign in Russia. However, the Army had well over 15,000,000 pair of stone grey trousers already issued to the troops,
plus millions more in stock and millions of yards in stockpiled stone grey wool.
This ensured that stone grey remained the predominant color of Heer trousers until mid-war.

Thereafter, field grey trousers such as the M40 trousers, M42 " Keilhosen ", and the M43 " Rundbundhosen " began to predominate,
although some troops were still wearing stone grey at the end in 1945.

The same Army rule was applicable also for the SS-VT and later Waffen-SS, that they actually used the stone grey colour less time.

* Long grey trousers with white piping along the leg was also available for this kind of SS tunic ( depending on the service, or off-duty )

Stone Grey Breeches of an Army officer
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