NCO parade tunic boards ?

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Mark C. Yerger
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NCO parade tunic boards ?

Post by Mark C. Yerger » 07 Apr 2002 07:21

Does a numbered shoulder board button date an NCO tunic ? Most I see lack one and have cyphers instead for the regimental number. Was a combination of the two possible ? I have an infantry NCO, with cyphers, and due to a large number of badge loops and long medal bar loops assume its well after the start of the war. An earlier one I saw recently for sale by Bill Shea had an earlier sleeve speciality patch with numbered button. Just a curious, most people want officers instead.


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Kent Berg
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Numbered buttons

Post by Kent Berg » 08 Apr 2002 04:20

Most of these are pre-war, as right before the at the start of the war, they were not used anymore, you seem to see many pre-war ones with the numbered buttons, and later just pebbled ones, so it does not date the tunic so to speak, but mostly puts in in the pre-war, very early war catagory.

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