Undershirts and other questions.

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Dan Feltmate
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Undershirts and other questions.

Post by Dan Feltmate » 09 Apr 2002 16:48


A question on the Luftwaffe uniforms.

Did the Luftwaffe single engine fighter pilots were anything under there dress shirts (the button up ones) did they wear white t-shirts or did they wear sleevless white shirts (muscle shirts? wife beaters?)

Was there an issued undergarments? like, underwear and boxer shorts? and socks?

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Kent Berg
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Post by Kent Berg » 10 Apr 2002 03:44

As with most armed forces, they wore several types of shirts, usually the white or light blue dress shirt under their tunics, even when flying, sometimes, they wore a short sleeve version of the button up shirt, some NCO's wore the grey cotton shirt under the suit, they wore a varity of shirts but these were the main ones.

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