Leather Jacket for Fighter pilots.

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Dan Feltmate
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Leather Jacket for Fighter pilots.

Post by Dan Feltmate » 09 Apr 2002 17:25

Ello again,

When did the Luftwaffe single engine fighter pilots recieve there leather jackets? would or could they attatch there awards to it?

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Post by Erich » 10 Apr 2002 00:41

Hi again Dan !

I have photos as early as 1941 showing pilots with privately purchased lederjacke. There was a standard a bit later on I know but some of the higer scoring aces purchased some rather unusual zip and button flapped summer jackets. Indeed good friend Sturmböcke pilot Oskar Bösch refused to wear the heavier winter issue blau/schwarze with fur lined collor during the fall and winter due to the fact that he could not move so quickly while in the cockpit and especially if he had to bail out which he did more than once.
Getting back to your question about insignia. shoulder boards were worn at times. Have several pics of Heinz Bär while in JG 1 with his summer jacket and shoulder insignia. also the EK I was worn many times with this jacket.


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