Uniforms of the Legion Condor

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Uniforms of the Legion Condor

Post by WTW26 » 04 Jan 2003 08:48

I'm looking for information on rank insignia of the Legion Condor (pics/descriptions). I'd also like to know why there wasn't any Nazi insignia on the Legion uniforms.

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Kent Berg
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Post by Kent Berg » 07 Jan 2003 04:37

Rank is easy to find in most books on the spanish conflict, and most books on German insignia, have a reference here and there, I will see which books have a listing, The reason nazi insignia was not used, as the nazis were not there! Only volunteers, so to speak, to fight along side Franco's forces, as volunteers, not nazis, it seems that everybody had a person in the conflict, but only under either side in Spain, not their own country, as it was a civil war in Spain. Hitler was "helping out" Franco, but in reality he saw a golden chance to test his forces in combat. Some, such as a Luftwaffe GFM, wore the eagle anyway, when he should not have. He wore it in the wrong place on a Spainish Generals visor. To the rest of the world, "nazis" were not there.

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von thoma
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Re: Uniforms of the Legion Condor

Post by von thoma » 22 Jul 2011 00:32

They had the spanish ranks insignia.

Oberst Walther Lucht.
With the three stars (eight points) of Colonel.
Photo:http://www.ww2incolor.com/other/436px-B ... Lucht.html
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Ian Hulley
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Re: Uniforms of the Legion Condor

Post by Ian Hulley » 22 Jul 2011 08:50

All-Seeing Eye wrote: I'd also like to know why there wasn't any Nazi insignia on the Legion uniforms.
Can we please agree not to use the word 'Nazi' when refering to German uniforms and insignia. 'Nazi' was the party, not the troops or their uniforms and insignia.


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