Heer camouflage uniforms - which units got them?

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Heer camouflage uniforms - which units got them?

Postby Zwolo2003 » 24 Aug 2009 01:57

Dear all:

even after most cursory review of period photographs is is obvious that availability of camouflage uniforms to Heer units was much more random than for Waffen-SS or Luftwaffe field divisions. Pictures of soldiers wearing them (and in particular the summer version) are much rarer than soldiers in the usual feldgrau. On the other hand, there were units which at particular time and particular place had access to camouflage stores and were extensively photographed in tarnjacke, helmet covers, etc. As I am mildly annoyed by the overrepresentation of camouflage kit at reenactment events and in wargaming figures (I don't think there is any reason to it other than camo looking better) I tried to see if it is possible to approach this subject in a more realistic manner, but the best I could do is try to list the Heer divisions which definitely had some camo at a given time. So far I think it is the only sensible way, as the evidence of camo use seems to come from certain divisions and to be centered around certain points in time (e.g. Kursk battle, as if the soldiers had been issued a batch of uniforms before the offensive which were not replaced when worn out afterwards).

My list so far is pitifully short, as it includes:
- 6 Pz Division at Kursk (some
- Grossdeutschland at Kursk (some)
- 21 Panzer division in Normandy (lots)
- 101 Jaeger Division in Czechoslovakia 1945 (some, Leibermuster pattern).

Does anyone have more information on the availability of camouflage uniforms to particular Heer units? Any information e.g. documents concerning the camouflage distribution to Heer or photos of soldiers in camo identified as to the division they served in will be much appreciated.



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Re: Heer camouflage uniforms - which units got them?

Postby Vincent S. » 12 Sep 2009 11:03


Whereas camouflage and winter garments are my main field of interest when it comes to collecting, I will gladly share all I currently know. While doing research for my book on winter uniforms, I came across a fair deal of information concerning distribution and maintenance of winter garments, wheter or not camouflaged versions. Sadly enough though, I came up almost empty-handed when it comes to summer-issue camouflaged uniforms, such as Tarnjacken. I did however find out that most of these were issued en-masse to certain units, as indicated by yourself above. I can not give accurate numbers or facts straight away, as I have no access to my files right now, but I'll see what I can find once I get back home. I can add that the distribution of these garments was not restricted to the units mentioned above, nor related to a specific other unit. It were, generally speaking that is, mostly Recon Units (Aufklärer) that recieved such clothes. I'll ask Werner Palinckx's about this next time I see him. His book, which is heavily illustrated, is a must when it comes to camouflage garments.

Best Regards and enjoy the hobby,
Vincent S.

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