Sewing patterns for German uniforms

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Sewing patterns for German uniforms

Postby Mangrove » 01 Nov 2010 18:51

Where I might get copies of sewing patterns for various German uniforms? I see these magazines might have the one I am mostly looking for (tank crew trousers) but unfortunately I can not find a copy of them.

das gewehr
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Re: Sewing patterns for German uniforms

Postby das gewehr » 04 Mar 2014 06:37

Hello, i'm from Argentina, and i need these patterns. Patterns do you have? Thank you.

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Re: Sewing patterns for German uniforms

Postby cnicoll123 » 07 Mar 2014 20:06

Sewing patterns eh?

For cuff titles, it varied between 17cm and 18cm above the sleeve-cuff's (If i remember correctly).

SS Arm eagle went roughly in-line with the bottom-edge of the tunic-pocket flap (On left arm... top pocket in-line).
WH eagle went 3/4cm above right-breast pocket, centred with button position (Again, if i remember correctly)

Rank-tabs went on the collar, leaving roughly 5cm from the edges in-case of rank-tresse.

Medal positions can be found on the web, especially from renowned militaria dealers. However you can always check in the medal section.

Hopefully this helped.
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