How to sew Totenkopf on cap?

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How to sew Totenkopf on cap?

Post by JMDcpn » 25 May 2019 18:27

So I've been browsing the web on how to sew on the Totenkopf skull and so far I couldn't see any guides, so just to make sure, do I do it the same way as with the eagle (Leave 5-8mm and then fold, iron, then sew) or just cut the edge and sew it that way? Thanks.

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Re: How to sew Totenkopf on cap?

Post by John G. » 25 May 2019 19:18

Trim off most of the excess material from the "roll", leaving enough to fold under as you sew it on, this will give the insignia a puffy effect... Of course, normally these would be machine sewn on.

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