Luftwaffe Belt buckle Id.

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Luftwaffe Belt buckle Id.

Post by Atomictrooper » 24 Apr 2020 01:20

Good evening Gentlemen,

I partially bartered, partially purchased this Luftwaffe belt buckle before my local shops were legislatively closed down due to the pandemic. I'm just trying to get a general opinion on this piece, legitimacy/general condition, etc. My main question is what is up with the colouring on the front side of the buckle? I've poked around online and have found a few other pictures of other Luftwaffe belt buckles with similarly dark, almost handpainted looking front ends. Was this something that was common? And was this done at the factory or in the field if so? Any info would be greatly appreciated gentlemen.

Take care,

Calum W. Murray,

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von thoma
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Re: Luftwaffe Belt buckle Id.

Post by von thoma » 20 May 2020 16:26

The EM/NCO Luftwaffe belt buckle is legit.
The front is painted to avoid flashes caused by its metallic brightness, a not very widespread practice trying to hide from the enemy
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Re: Luftwaffe Belt buckle Id.

Post by Gwar » 03 Nov 2020 01:10

It is made by Hermann Aurich, Dresden, these always have the small feet on the catch, it is also maker marked.. G
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