Low boots in use on the eastern front, 1942?

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Low boots in use on the eastern front, 1942?

Post by JCR02 » 10 Nov 2020 14:18

Hello all,

I'd like to query whether anyone has reference of low boots and gaiters in front line use in 1942 on the eastern front - Especially during the summer campaigns and Stalingrad ???


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Re: Low boots in use on the eastern front, 1942?

Post by AKahl » 23 Nov 2020 18:30

I'm guessing that would be limited to Mountain troops who were issued short, metal-cleated mountain boots. Maybe some Jaeger infantry units, as well. There were tropical canvas and leather ankle-length boots being used in 1942, but I don't know if they were used in Southern Russia or the Caucasus, or more likely were limited to the Mediterranean and North Africa. There were also brown leather lace-up ankle boots described as being used by the Afrika Korps. I guess the same might apply to these. There were olive-colored canvas and leather reinforced gaiters designed to be worn with the canvas and all leather tropical ankle boots, as well as olive or grey knee and ankle length socks.

I think the 'economy'/'austerity' oriented short boots and gaiters were mostly a 1943 and later measure, together with the less costly model 1943 service tunic.
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