White Scarf, Ridax photo paper

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White Scarf, Ridax photo paper

Post by McLinda » 25 Nov 2020 08:10

Hello, I'm trying to figure out who this man was. In grandparents photo collection, and while grandfather took a lot of photos while in France (especially of his French MP girlfriend which I uploaded to an album on Flickr https://flic.kr/s/aHsmQaJVsv ) they're all Velox paper and none of them say Ridax on the back. Believe Ridax was a Belgium paper but not sure where, or when, it was used.

This man is wearing a white scarf, there are scratches but it appears he has a star on his left breast and next to it my husband thinks that's a cross, like a Maltese or something and both my husband and father say he doesn't look American. My grandfather always referred to Germans as "Smart buggers", almost like he admired them. I wonder if this man was French or maybe German?? The French MPs did not dress like this, they wore a different uniform, which I will include with this post. The left was his girlfriend (yes, Nana knew about her, she forgave because the girlfriend was very pretty) the right are the guys.

When was Ridax photo paper, with the full word Ridax not the R, produced and where? Is this a WWII photo? Was this man an Axis or Alliance?

(BTW, grandfather was shipped out with the Hqs Co 2nd B, 259th Inf. after going to advanced training in Shelby MS, and according to his letters he was transferred so many times they were gonna kick him out, but instead they made him an MP and he stayed in France. Weird.)

Appreciate any clues you can give me.

(one is colorized but not professionally, only so I could see it differently)

Scanned pic
Scarf Dude.jpg

scarf dude croped 1.jpg

zoomed colored.jpg

These were the French MPs and Margery, the girlfriend. (She wore an MP uniform in pics too, French)

PopPop's MP pics.jpg
Edit: Forgot to add the back of the photo. Says Ridax
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Re: White Scarf, Ridax photo paper

Post by R Leonard » 25 Nov 2020 15:44

That's a US Army enlisted blouse. Probably a CIB & a couple of ribbons below it on the left breast. White scarf would be non-reg.

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