ID for headgear?

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ID for headgear?

Post by WWII?4You » 17 Nov 2022 18:54

Hi. I have become more interested in learning more about my grandfather's time in WWII (Army) and am curious if someone could please help identify the type of headgear in the two photos. I know he was military police at some point. Also, if anyone has any thought on what the 3 letters/symbol in the drawing under the date stand for (whether artist, unit, etc.) would love to know or possible whereabouts in France at that time in 1944. He did return with a NP flag/banner (30 by 70 inches) we found in the attic, though was never signed. Did look like they ripped it down based on tack marks at the top. Thank you!
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Re: ID for headgear?

Post by Hans1906 » 18 Nov 2022 15:02

Hi WWII?4You,

what I believe to be a charcoal drawing was signed "To Mom and Dad" and with "FRANCE 20th sept 44 KB2" ?

The draftsman at that time was certainly not an amateur, but rather an academically trained artist, the excellent quality of the drawing speaks for itself.

An impressive drawing, there was certainly a trained artist in the circle of comrades at the time who made this drawing.
How large is this drawing, is there something written on the back ?
*Edit: (30" by 70" inches, sorry, you already mentioned it)

Unfortunately I can't contribute anything to the photo, but the drawing is very nice.
I have been collecting graphics, drawings from the 20th and 19th centuries for many years, such a good portrait is very rare to see, beautiful...


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von thoma
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Re: ID for headgear?

Post by von thoma » 18 Nov 2022 21:43

The drawing shows ( if completely accurate ) a soldier with some kind of cloth helmet cover, the helmet would be the regulation M1
of the U.S. Army. The following image shows a soldier in a uniform without insignia, to whom we will give rank of Private.
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