General SS uniform question ( for true experts)

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General SS uniform question ( for true experts)

Post by Jawol » 07 Jan 2023 09:24

I notice that there seem to be two types of “
Jackboots” sold these days as supposed “ authentic replicas” of what the SS wore before and during the Second World War.

One type is all smooth leather and is labeled as a marching boot, and this is the type I tend to see in movies etc

The other is a suede upper, and leather on the sides type Jack boot that looks to have been dyed black.

What is going on here? What boots were actually worn by the SS in the 1930s and in the 1940s ( jackboot wise not combat boots)

Attached are photos to explain what I mean by these two types of boots I see. Can anyone explain which one was actually worn and is authentic and what would’ve been worn by the allgemeine ss ? What about the waffen ss??
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Re: General SS uniform question ( for true experts)

Post by Hans1906 » 07 Jan 2023 19:42

Hi Jawol,

This article in the German Wikipedia will probably help you, the article is only available in German:

Deutsche Kampfstiefel: ... schstiefel

In 1978/79 the typical German "Knobelbecher" were no longer an issue for us young recruits, we received lace-up boots, one pair used, one pair brand new.

Anyone who put on the new lace-up boots for the first march had bad luck, bloody feet.
The old boots were hip, old and worn, you only made a mistake like that once... 8O :lol:

Many comrades ran back to the barracks in their socks, the "new" boots in their hands.
Back then they were just bad lace-up boots, when new they were pure agony.

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