SMS Breslau 1918

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Re: SMS Breslau 1918

Post by reedwh52 » 07 Sep 2019 23:47

In re-reading the thread, I noted some corrections that need to be made to an earlier message (#10 in the thread) quoted below:

There was no question of this ! Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Troubridge, second in command of the British Mediterranean Fleet,in charge of the pursuit and the destruction of the Mittelmeerdivision was courtmartialled and dismissed after the escape of the German ships...unquote.

The correct information is that Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge was court-martialed and acquitted of all charges. While he recived no further seagoing commands, he was retained on active duty heading the British Mission to Serbia. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1916 and to Admiral before retiring in 1921.

The career of the correct Troubridge(Ernest) was adversely impacted, but he was not dismissed.

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Re: SMS Breslau 1918

Post by stevebecker » 18 Oct 2020 05:32


I notice that Klaus mentions;

"A very moving description of the last minutes of the crew of the sinking cruiser was reported by sergeant de Grignis, who wrote this in a letter to his former commandant Captain von Knorr: "

All I can find that his name was

De Crignis (De Grignis) Adolf Bootsmaat Marine PO SMS Breslau (Midilli) - possibly II. Matrosen-Div 1. Abtl. 1915-18 (born at Neuburg Schwaben ) shown in Gefschaft (in prison) possibly PoW 20-1-18 when SMS Breslau sunk off Imbros reported survived sinking

I notice the De Grignis is mention else where and I can find no member of the crew call De Grignis?

He was a Petty officer (Bootsmaat) on the Breslau



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