German Asia Units

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German Asia Units

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Just before the Gazze battles British took Bagdat in Mach 11 1917. German General HQ in Berlin decided to make new measures to take Bagdad over again. They promissed Turks more supplies and guns. For that reason a new army group called Yildirm was established. The group consisted of 2 new Turkish armies the 6th and 7th. Field marschal falkanhayn was made the commander of the group. For the Yildirim Army group 3 german infantry battalions, 3 German MG companies, 3 german cavalry and 3 granadier teams were transported from Germany. There were also air and science units. This German Unit was called "Asya Kolu" (Asian Line) The unit was accualty a brigade. germans gave also 5 million German gold for the order of the Brigade. There were 65 German officers at HQ of Falkenhayn.
At the end of October 1917. Asian Units were still at Haleppo.
Commander of the Asya Kolu was German Col. Frankenberg. and Turkish Capt. Kurtcebe (later General of The Army Kurtcebe Noyan) was Chief of the Staff. Later German Major Solger was made the chief of Staff. Kurtcebe was made officer at HQ. The Asya Kolu concisted of
701th Artillary battalion commanded by Major Hechtern,
701th inf. Battalion commanded by Major Staubwasser
702th inf.battalion commanded by Major Merts,
703th inf. Battalion commanded by Capt. Grasmann,

in 1918 Col. von Oppen was made commander of the unit. ( He died of emidemie after the armistice)

In Spring of 1918 the unit was reinforced by Mazoria Inf. Regiment commanded by Lt.Col.Hammerstein.

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