Order of Battle at Dardanelles Fortifications on March 18

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Order of Battle at Dardanelles Fortifications on March 18

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Commander of Fortifications in Dardanelles Strait : Cevat Pasha (Gen.of the Army Cobanli)(1871-1938)
Army serial Number: P(Infantry)-1307(1891)-4
Major General:1914, Lt.Gen.:1918, General:1926
Retired:Sept.14th 1935
After the Gallipoli He commanded the 15th Army Corps in Galicia (July 1916-August 1917)
After the Armistrace of Mondros he was made War Minister and Chief of Staff of the Ottoman Army. He made it easy for Mustafa Kemal Pasha's appointment to Anatolia as inspecting General. As the British occupied Istanbul on March 16th 1920 he was arrested and forwarded to Malta as war criminal.(!) After 2 years imprisonment he went Ankara and was made MP from Istanbul.
-President of the General Staff : Lt.Col. Selahattin Adil (Major General Adil)
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-Operations commanding Officer : Major Osman Zati (Major General Korol)
Army Registiration Nr: Top.1320(1904)-1
Major Gen: 1927
Retired: July 27, 1938
During Balkan Wars he was the Chief Of Staff of the 13th Infantry Division as captain at the order of Vardar Army on Serbian Front, later on the Greek Front. After the Armistrace of Mundros on Oct.30 1918 he was made chief of Staff of dardanelles Fortifications. During the War of Independance at the 2nd Inonu Battles (March 23-April 4th 1921)he served as Major at the HQ of 1st Infantry Division. During the great Sakarya Battle (August 23-Sep.13 1921) he commanded the 1st Cavaltr Division as Lt. Col. During the Great Attack of August 26-30 1922 Lt. Col. Korol was the vice Chief of Staff of the Western Front.
-Commander of Engeneers : Col. Sukru
-Commander of Communication :Signal Major Nuri
-Chief Medical Officer : Major Dr. Salih
-Prepresantative of General HQ : German Lt.Gen. Merten

2nd Heavy Artillary Brigade copmmander : Col. Talat (Kucuk Talat/Talat Jr.)
-3rd Heavy Artillary Regiment Commander :Lt.Col. Omer Zeki
- 1st Heavy Artillary Regiment Commander : -
- 2nd " " " " :-
- Commander of Hamidiye Fortification : Lt.Col. Wasillo
-4th Heavy Artillary Regiment Commander : Major Kemal
- 1st Heavry Artillary Battalion Commander : Major Neset
- 2nd :Capt. Mahir
- 1st Horse driven Siege Artillary Commander : -
- Commander of Mecidiye Fortification on Rumeli Side/Europa: 2nd Lt. Omer fahri
- Dardonos Group Fortifications Commander : Capt. Mithat
- Commander of 1st battary : 2nd Lt. Hasan
- 1st battary Officer : Lt. Mevsuf from Trablusgarb/Libya
( Both of them was killed during action. From that time until now the Battary was called Battary of Hasan-Mevsuf. There grave is on the right spot where they were killed)http://images.google.com.tr/imgres?imgu ... tr%26lr%3D

- Commander of Mesudiye(or Baykus/Owl) Fortifications: Major Hasan

Commander of Heavy Artillary at Erenkot Region: German Lt.Col. Werde
-8th Heavy Artillary Commander : Lt. Col Mehmet Zekeriya
- 1st Battalion : Capt. Rifat
- 2nd Battalion : Capt. Mehmet Halit
- 3rd Special Heavry Artillary Battalion : Capt. Ali Tevfik
4th Siege Artillary Battalion : Capt. Hasbi

source: Col. Ismet Gorgulu "On Yıllık Harbin Kadrosu 1912-22, p 62
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Heavy Artillary Battalion Commander 2nd Lt. Hasan Hulusi Efendi son of Ismail from Kale-i Sultaniye and Lt. Muhammed Mevsuf from Trablusgarb/Libya officer of the Heavy Artillary 1st Company, 1st battalion are killed on March 18th 1331(1915)
source: Harb Mecmuasi (War Magazine) p.36
Admiral Usedom und General Merten
Cevat Pasha (Cobanli)
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Heavy Artillary Capt. Mehmet Hilmi (Col. Sanlitop)

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Although Col. Gorgulu mentions in his book the Commander of Mecidiye Fortification on Rumeli Side/Europa as 2nd Lt. Omer Fahri I found out that Capt. Mehmet Hilmi (Col. Sanlitop) was the commander. Mehmet Hilmi Bey wrote his
memories "Canakkale Gecilmedi" (They could't pass through Canakkale) which was published after his death by his son Gazanfer Sanlitop.
Capt. Mehmet Hilmi ( Manastir 1883- Istanbul 1949)
Army serial Number: Top(Artillary) 1321(1905)- 3
After graduating from Army Training Artillary School in 1907 he was appointed to 5th Army HQ. later as 2nd Lt. he was made the commander of Rumeli Mecidiye battary commander in 1911. As Balkan war broke out he fought in the service of 5th Company, 2nd battalion of the 4th Heavy Artillary Regiment. He got his first madal. After the war he returned to his old battary as Captain. He wrotes:
"Just before the beginning of the WW1 2o German soldiers and a 2nd Lt. came to the battary for some repairments. After a while all Germans left the battary and were taken to Anadolu Hamidiyesi fortification the Anatolian side. They established a battalion with 3 companies under the command of German Officer Vastilo Bey. The batteries on the European side the Rumeli Mecidiyesi with 4 long 24's, Rumeli Hamidiyesi with 2 long 35's, Namazgah with 2 long 24's reorganized as one battary under the fire control of me. They gave us a projekter (9o's) for night fights fights. We received also lights guns with 4 wheels (Mantel guns). We trenched the 24's in 32 m. and 35's in 40 meters distance from each other. The guns were settled on wooden platforms 1 meter high from the land surface. Infront of the platform there were a wall 3 or 4 meters high which made a shelter. on Nov. 3rd the enemy began to fire until Jan.9 1916 we lost 85 men. Germans didn't fight well. They even stop fire for the purpose of not showing their position. We were very angry to them. On March 18th 1915 my Battary hit the French battleship Bouvet and sunk it. With Bouvet many sailors drowned. Some jumped to the sea to save their lives. We immediately stop firing. We never fired to the ships who were colecting the sailors on the sea. During the fights I was wounded. Therefore I received a title "Ghazi/Gazi" and a silver distinguished medal for my bravery againts the enemy. The germans decorated me with 2 extra medals. After the armistrace I retired from the army. One of the days during my pension life I heard that Mustafa Kemal Pasha was organizing a national movenent againts the invading Greek Armies.Without hesitation I found a way and joined his army. I fought on the Eastern Front under the Command of General Kasim Karabekir Pasha. My new unit was Heavy Artillary Battalion of the 9th Army Corps at Sarikamis. I was made Major in March 1 1922."

Capt. Mehmet Hilmi and his Officer 2nd Lt. Omer Fahri Efendi infront of the gun that sunk the Bouvet.
source: Harb Mecmuasi (War Magazine) p.41
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A Heavy Artillary gun along the Dardanelles (same source as above)
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