List of unit Commanders of the 4th Army

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List of unit Commanders of the 4th Army

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List of unit commanders at the beginning of WW1 in Sina and Palestina Front.
4th Army HQ in Damascus : Major Gen. Zeki Pasha (Halepli) later: Cemal Pasha (the Senior)
The tittle of the Army was 2nd Army Inspectorial during the peace time. The title changed Sep.6th 1914 as 4th Army.
Just before the war Enver Pasha informed Halepli Zeki Pasha that war againts British was in sight and he should prepare for an attack to Suez kanal. He protested a war and an attack againts British with insufficent man power and material. Enver Pasha dismissed him. He never got duty again. Zeki Pasha commanded the Vardar Army as Lt. Gen. in Serbian Front during Balkan War. He was a distiquieshed Officer. According to von Kress memories he was gentle, joyfull, ready to help everybody and a patriot.
Cemal Pasha was made Governor of Syria and West Arabia. Picture showing Cemal Pasha on his way to Damascus, crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul to Haydar Pasha Rail way station.
- Chief of Staff : German Col. Frankenberg
- Chief Operations Officer : Staff Lt. Col. Ali Fuat (Gen. Erden)
-8th Army Corps in Jerusalem : Col. Cemal (Gen. Mersinli) (He was made War Minister in the Cabinet of Ali Riza Pasha Oct. 2nd 1919. He always supported the National Movement of Mustafa Kemal Pasha.For this reason he was arrested by the British occupation forces in Istanbul and exiled to Malta as war criminal on March 16 1920)
- Chief of Staff : capt. Halit (Akmansü)
- 23th Div. in Nablus : Lt. Col. Behçet
Chief of Staff : Major Mustafa Izzet
67th Inf. Reg. : Major Riza
68th : Maj. Kemal
23rd Artillary Reg. : Moj. Ahmet Selahattin
- 25th Div. in Halilülrahman : Col. Hilmi
Chief of Staff : Maj. Servet
73rd Reg. : Maj. Mehmet Resit
74th : Maj. Fahrettin
75th : Maj. O. Fevzi
25th Artillary Reg. : major Mehmet Ali
- 27th Div. in Birussebi : Col. Zeki
Chief of Staff : Maj. Zeki
79th : Lt. Col. Etem
80th : Major Rifat
81th : Lt. Col. Hamdi
27th Artillary : Maj. Mazhar
- 12nd Army Corps in Haleppo: maj. Gen. Fahrettin (Turkkan) defender of Medina
- 35th Mixed Haleppo : Lt. Col. Ahmet (The divison was sent to Iraq front on Dec. 14.1914)
- 36th Div. in Hama : Col. Yusuf Ziya (Schamli) (The division was sended to East Fron on June 1915)
- 22nd Hicaz Division : Col Vehip ( Gen. Vehip Kaci Pasha)
HQ of Special Volunteers in Damascus : Maj. Mumtaz later Lt. Col. Esref (Kuscubasi)
Army Inspector in Damascus: Maj. Kazim (Major General Dirik)
Inspector in Jarusalem : Lt. Col. Ali Rusen ( later Col.)
Border Commander at Birussebi: Col. Behcet
Commander of Jarusalem : German Gen. Back Pasha

source: Col. Ismet Gorgulu "On Yillik Harbin Kadrosu" p. 138 ( The personal of 10 Year long War)
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Capt. Halit (Akmansü)

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Chief of Staff : Capt. Halit (Col. Akmansü) (Daday/Kastamonu 1884- Feb. 10th 1953)
Army Serial Nr. 1322(1906) Top/Artillary-2
He is known in the army as Dadayli Halit. He got surname "Akmansü" after the civil reforms of New Turkish Republic. After graduating War School the Harbiye in Istanbul he graduated the War Academy as Staff Captain in 1909. His first duty was at the order of 8th Army Corps. During the Balkan War he was a staff officer of the Redif/Civilians Division.
Between 1913-1914 he was the staff officer of the 3rd Army Corps.

Major Halit, during the Canal Expedition (Jan.14-Feb. 5th 1915) was Assistant Chief of Staff of the Kuvvei Seferiye the Expedition Forces. Von Kress was the chief of Staff.

During Nasiriye (July 24th 1915) and 1st Kutulamare (Sep.28 1915) he was commanding the left bank group of the 45th Division.

During 1st Ramadiye (July 11th 1917) and 2nd Ramadiye Battles ( Sept. 21/24 1917) he was chief operations offficer of the 6th Army.
During Han Bagdadi (March 26 1918) and attach of British to Kirkuk (April 27-May 8th 1918) he was Chief of staff of the 18th Army Corps of the 6th Army.

During British advance to Musul on Oct. 23/27 1918)and the battle at Dicle/Tigris (Nov. 28/30 1918) he was chief of staff of the 6th Army.

He joined the National Forses of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Lt. Col Akmansu commanded the 3rd Causasus Division during the Sakarya River battle.(Aug. 23rd-Sep.13 1921)

During The Great Turkish Attack to Greek August 26-30 1922 he commanded the 5th Causasus Division.
After the vicory he was made colonel.

He retired from the Army in 1929 to be a MP from his hometown Kastamonu.

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