Ottoman Commander at Beersheba, 31 October 1917

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Ottoman Commander at Beersheba, 31 October 1917

Post by Hoplophile » 15 Sep 2006 00:40

Can anyone tell me about the commander of the Ottoman forces at the batle of Beersheba, 31 October 1917?

Tosun Saral
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Post by Tosun Saral » 16 Sep 2006 11:19

Orbat at Syria and Palatine Front during Oct.-December 1917
(Gazze-Birüssebi Battles in Oct 30-Nov.3 1917

source: Staf Col. (Ret) Asst.Prof. Dr.Ismet Gorgulu "On Yıllık Harbin Kadrosu)" Personal of the 10 Years long War" Ankara 1993 publiched by TTK (The Turkish History Association) p.147,147, 148

Commander of Yildirim Army Group : German Fieldmarchall Falkenhayn
(With his arrival a bad fate is also arrived. His decisions made the Turks lost Syria and Palastina. A 88 years long conflict in that area beginned and will continue till eternity.)
-chief of staff : German Col. Dommez
HQ: Germans ... highlight=
Asst. chief of staf:Capt. Ali haydar (Gen. Germeyanoglu)
Operations officers: Maj. Huseyin Husnu Emir (Maj. Gen. Erkilet see: axis)
-capt.Tevfik (Col. Biyiklioglu, A Hero of War of Independance)
-front officier: Maj. Nihat
info officer: 2nd Lt.Sahap (Gen. of the Army Gürler)
personal officer. Capt.Celal
Company of Guards : Capt. Hayrettin Fuat
translater: Maj.Kenan

Commander of 6th Army: Brigadier Halil Pasha ( Lt. Gen. Kut Hero of Kut ul Amara. He received the family name Kut after the modern civil law reforms of the new Turkish Republic. 6th was in Iraq Front at the order of Yildirim.)

7th Army: Brigadier Mustaf Fevzi (Fieldmarchal Çakmak. Hero of Turkish War of Independance. Best friend and eternal supporter of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his reforms. Chief of Staff of Ottoman Armies during Armistarce. 2nd Chief of Staff of Turkish Armed forces. "look at axis". The 7th was also in Iraq was taken to Palastine. The 7th was renamed as 8th Army on sep. 30th 1917. The 7th fought in Jarusalem and 8th in Jaffa battles.
-chief of staff: german Maj. Falkenhausen
-chief operations officer: Maj. Rüştü (Lt. Gen Akın) for image look at axis

-15th Army Corps: Brigadier Ali Rıza Pasha (Gen. Sedes)
-19th Div.:Lt. Col. Sedat (Lt. Gen. Dogruer)
-chief of staff:Maj. Ömer Lufi
- 57th Regiment: Maj. hayri,
-72th:Maj. Rıfat
77th: Lt. Col. Saip

20th Div.:Lt. Col. Yasin Hilmi
24th Div. :German Lt. Col. Wilmer
-159th regm.:
-179th:Lt. Col. Osman Ata

8th Army: Brigadier German von Kress Pasha, later on Dec. 1st 1917 Brigadier Cevat Pasha (Gen. Cobanlı ) look at axis
- Chief of staff: Lt. Col Asim (Gen. Gunduz) look at axis
-officer at HQ: HGerman Lt. Col. Herrgott
- operations officer: German Maj. Wolf
- assistant operations office:capt. İsmail hakki (Gen. Okday)
- artillary adviser: German Lt. Col.Moderov

2oth Army Corps: Col. Ali Fuat (Lt. Gen. Cebesoy) see: axis
-chief of staff: Maj. Arif (Ayici)
-officer at HQ: Capt.Ekrem (Lt. Gen. Baydar)
- 16th Div.: Col. Rustu (Maj. Gen. Sakarya see: axis)
- chief of staff: Lt. Col. Lutfu

26th Div.: Col. Fahrettin (Gen. of the Army Altay. The famous commander of Cavalry division that defeated Greek Armies by turning at their back on the day of great attack Ausgust 26 1922) see: axis
-c.o.s.: Maj. Tevfik

54th Div.: German Col.Kiesling
c.o.s.: Maj. hakkı Muhlis

22nd Army Corps: Col Refet (Gen.Bele)
c.o.s.: Maj. Rifat (Lt. Col. Sözüer)
staff officer:Capt. Muharrem Mazlum (Gen. of the Army Iskora)
aid officer to Col.Refet: Capt. Izzet (Gen. of the Army Aksalur)
artillary officer: Lt. Col. Ahmet Sabri (Maj. Gen. Erçetin)
- 3rd Div.: Col. H. Nurettin (Maj. Gen.Özsü)
c.o.s.: Capt. Iskender

7th Div.: Col. Kazim (Maj. Gen. Dirik) see axis
53th Div.: Col.Selahattin (Kiper)
c.o.s.: Capt. Ahmet Nushet

3rd Army Corps: Col. Ismet (gen. of the Army Inonu. 2nd president of the Turkish Republic.)
c.o.s.:Maj.Sefik Avni (Lt. Col.Özüdoğru)
operations officer: Maj. Naci (Lt. Gen. Tınaz see: axis)
-27th Div.:Col. Osman Nuri (Maj. gen. Koptagel)
c.o.s.: Capt. tahsin
-3rd cavalry Div.. Col. Esat
c.o.s.: Maj. Mahmut
German Asian Line:Col.Frankenberg
-c.o.s.:Maj. Solger
-Officer at HQ:Capt. Kurtcebe (Gen. of the Army Noyan)
-German 703th Inf. Battalion: Capt.Grasmann
-German 702th Inf. battalion:Maj. Merts
-German 701th Inf. battalion:Maj. Staubwasser
-German 701st Artillary Battalion: Maj. Hechtern

Regional Inspector of Yildirim: Brigadier Ali Riza Pasha ( Gen. Sedes)
c.o.s.: Maj. Kadri

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Post by Hoplophile » 16 Sep 2006 16:40

Once again, I am in your debt.

Many, many thanks for such a complete reply!

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