Demobilization of Ottoman Army - Formation of Kemalist Force

Discussions on the final era of the Ottoman Empire, from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 until the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
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Demobilization of Ottoman Army - Formation of Kemalist Force

Post by agblume » 06 Oct 2006 14:34

Perhaps someone has knowledge of the period when the old Ottoman Army was demobilized (??? December 1918 - ??? June 1919). Which armies and corps were demobilized??? What units were allowed to still exist??? What existing older units formed the Turkish Nationalist forces during 1919-1920??? And when and where were they formed??? It would seem this might be a rich field for further research. And help would be very much appreciated. agblume

Eugen Pinak
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Post by Eugen Pinak » 13 Oct 2006 09:03

Ottoman Army January 1919
1 AC = 49, 60 ID
25 AC = 1, 10 Caucasian ID

14 AC = 55, 61 ID

20 AC = 23, 24 ID
3 AC = 15, 5 Cauc. ID
12 AC = 11, 41 ID, 7,20 Cav.Reg.
17 AC = 56, 57 ID

15 AC = 3,12, 8 Cauc., 11 Cauc. ID

Syrian border:
13 AC = 2, 5 ID, 12 Cav. Reg.

Total c.50000 men, 240 guns. (+761000 rifles, c.4000 MGs and 945 guns stored in depots)

Most of this units (save 1, 14, 25 Army Corps) more or less joined nationalists.

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Ottoman Army

Post by agblume » 13 Oct 2006 16:23

Hello Eugen Pinak, I am most grateful for this information. It is very useful for me. In the Caucasus please clarify if XV Corps had the 3rd and 12th Infantry Divisions, and the 8th and 11th Caucasian Infantry Divisions in January 1919. I just want to be certain. Do you have other Orders of Battle for Turkish Nationalists during the rest of 1919 or 1920-1922??? Many thanks for kind help. Kind regards, agblume

Tosun Saral
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Post by Tosun Saral » 13 Oct 2006 20:01

Dear Pinak gave good information. I add from my late father Major General Ahmet Hulki Saral's book " Türk İstiklal Harbi,Güney Cephesi, ciId IV,s. 38 " (Turkish War of Independance, South Front, Vol. IV,p.38)

Orbat of Turkish Forces in May 15th 1919. Under the pressure of allies Turkish Army reduced to 9 AC.
1st AC in Edirne
-49th Div. in Kırklareli and Edirne regions
-60th Div. in Şarköy, Malkara, Keşan (My note:places just at the end of Gallipoli peninsula)

25th AC in Istanbul
- 10th Kafkas(Caucasus) Div. in around Istanbul
-1st Div. in Kocaeli peninsula

14th AC in Tekirdağ (in Trace)
-55th Div. in around Tekirdağ
-61th Div. in Bandirma, Balikesir on the Marmara Sea in Anatolia

17th AC in Izmir
-56th Div. in Izmir Menemen, Manisa
-57th Aydin and Antalya

20th AC in Ankara
-23th Afyon
-24th Div. on the way to Ankara from Eregli/Konya

12th AC in Konya
-11th Div. in Nigde
--33rd Regiment in Niğde
--126th Regiment in Bor
--127th reg.inKemerhisar
-41th Div. in Karaman
--131st Karaman
--132th in Konya
--139 in Karaman, a battalion in Bozkur

3th AC in Sivas
-5th Kafkas (Caucasus) Amasya
-15th Div. in Samsun

13th AC in Diyarbakır
commander : Col. Cevdet
-2nd Div in Silvan
Deputy commander: Infantry Major Ali
Chief of Staff: Staf Major Hayri
--1st Reg.HQ and 1st and 3rd battalions and 2 powerfull mountain guns in Siirt, 2 battalions and a powerful mountain gun in Beşiri
-- 6th Reg. and battalions in Savur
--18th Reg.HQ and 1st and 2nd battalions in Hasankehf, 3rd battalion in Midyat
-5th Div. in Mardin
Commander: Staff Lt. Col. Mehmet Kenan (Gen. Kenan)
Chief of Staff: Staff Capt.İsak Avni (Gen. of the Army Akdağ)
--14th Reg.HQ and 1st Battalion and a mountain battary in Hanik, a Battalion in Mardin
-- 15th Reg.HQ and 1st and 2nd Battalions in Diyarbakır, 3rd battalion in Demirkapı south of Cizre
--24th Reg. HQ in mardin, 3rd battalion in Derbesiye (todays Şenyurt), 2nd battalion in Nusaybin
Cavalry Brigade
--1st, 12nd, 31st Cavalry Regiments
Nota Bene: the 6th Army withdrawing from Irak demolished and got the name 13rd AC.and situated in Diyarbakır, Siirt, Mardin and Urfa. The battalions of the AC was decreased to 70 : 80 men. Men power of the AC: 548 officers and NCO, 4255 men, 2389 animals, 5737 rifles, 36 MG, 403 swords, 27 guns. HQ of the AC arrived at Diyarbakir in March 1st 1919.
Deputy commander;Staff Col.Ahmet Cevdet
Chief of Staff: Mjor Halit (Col. Akmansü)
1st cavalry Regiment HQ and 2 companies in Urfa, other 2 companies in Siverek
12nd cavalry Reg. in Malatya, a company in Adıyaman a battery in Elazıg
artillart battalion in Diyarbakır
Battalion of Engeneers in Izzetpaşa
air company in Izzetpaşa, camel line battalion and automobile company in Hanik,

15th AC in Erzurum
-3rd Kafkas Div. in Tortum
-9th Kafkas Div. in Erzurum
-11th Kafkas Div. in Van
-12th Div. in Horasan

The Yıldırım Army Group and 7th Army demolished on Nov. 18th 1918.

My Note. All these AC's played very important role at the beginning of the War of Independance.
My the resting place of the men served in these AC's be in light.
I mote it be!

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