German officer at Rafa

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German officer at Rafa

Post by stevebecker » 19 Jan 2007 01:37


This is a long shot but I hopeing someone have accsess to British or Turkish records and may have this or know about it.

When Rafa (Tell el Rafa) fell on the 9th January 1917 a total of one German Officer, one Warrant Officer and nine soldiers were taken prisoner.

This officer or at lest some of the soldiers came from the German 603rd MG Company and were attached to the 31st Turkish Regt.

Can you give me any more details on these Germans particularly the officers name (if known?).

I did find this reference in a book about the war;

"The Desert Hath Pearls" by Rex Hall page 69

This relates to the death of Capt George Smith;

"He was caught by a burst of MG fire after the enemy had hoisted the white flag".

"It was poor compensation that the German officer who was responsible for the MG being fired after the surrender of the enemy was on the 12th January Court Martialled and shot at El Arish".



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Post by Tosun Saral » 21 Jan 2007 13:52

According to British sources the book "Birinci...." states on page 462 about Turkish losses at Rafa.
35 officers (1 German)
1438 NCO and men (10 Germans)

162 NCO and men
Total : 1635

578 infantry rifles, 4 MG, 4 mountain gun, 83 camel, 54 mule and horses

SORRY no names mentioned

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