make up of the 59th Turkish Div

Discussions on the final era of the Ottoman Empire, from the Young Turk Revolution of 1908 until the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
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Yes thanks mate, I've got to agree.

Its a field that there are still so many holes to fill, but were getting there.



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Information about 59th Div.:
source:Huseyin Husnu Emir Chief of staff of Yildirim Army Group (Maj. Gen. Erkilet)
"Yildirim" Genel Kurmay Askeri Tarih ve Stratejik Etüt Başkanligi Yayini, Ankara, 2002 p.88
"Collection of 59th Div.of the 3 rd AC of the 7th Army was done in Haleppo. But this Division established by the weak, sick, wounded soldiers of 5th Army. Most of them were very young untrained or very old soldiers of 5th Army. Many of them were newly released from hospitals. It was like a mobile convalescence. After inspecting the division all of us decided to inactivate this division.At şlast Marschal Falkenhayn also inspected the division and reported to the Gen. HQ. The 59th Div. was inactivated by the order of Gen.HQ on Oct. 12. 1917. After hard eleminations a new 179th Reg. was establised with MG companies nd artillary. The brass band of the late 59th Div. was left to the order of 179th Reg. The remining officers, NCOs and animals were given to the order of the divisions of 7th Army. The 179th Reg. was given to the command of German Major von Kommer. The 179th Reg was permitted to stay in Haleppo to recover the sick and for training."

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Thanks for the extra information on the 59th Division; from what you say, it is not surprising that it was disbanded.


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