Turkish 20th AC on May 1917

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Turkish 20th AC on May 1917

Post by Tosun Saral » 24 Feb 2007 13:12

The men and animal power of 2oth Army Corps:

HQ/49/315/180= including a mounted signal team, infantry guards team, Gendarm detachment
wire company/3/126/88

HQ 16th Div./23/214/74
125th, 47th, 48th Inf. Regs and MG companies/306/809/687
Independent units of 16th Div./22/783/347 =(cavalry, engeneers, medical companies, mobile field hospital, brass band and wire teams
Artillary of 16th Div./306/809/687 (1st battalion of 16th Artillary Reg, 2nd battary of 6th Reg.
service lines of 16th Div/19/596/582 (a team of cookers, supply transportation battalion, ammunirion transportation battalion)
other units given to the order of 16th Div./39/1002/386 (a comman fire 12 cm obüs battary, a powerfull maontain battary, 117th AAC team, Regional command in Şeria, Hospital at Şeria, 38th cookers team, depot at Şeria, looading and unloading company)

HQ 54th Div/14/198/174 (incl. wire team)
Infantry of 54th/159/5092/1041 (19th, 69th, 137th MG Companys, 164th Reg and MG company, 165th Reg and MG Company,Repeated 137th MG Company, 130th and 138th MG Companys)
Artillary of 54th Div/57/1637/1270 (2nd Battalion of 1st Field Artillary Reg, 2nd Battaion of the 2nd Artillary Reg, Common fire mountain battary of the 14th Art. reg, HQ of Heavy Artillary, 113th mortar battary, 113th AAC team)
independant units of 54th/21/751/308 (cav. company, 3rd Engeners company, medical company)
dservice lines of 54th/17/481/750 (mobile hospital, cookers team, labour battalion, 171th cow-driven wagon line, 172th horse-driven wagon line, 2nd mule-driven wagon line, 1st and 2nd donkey-driven wagon line)

Total 20th AC/ 573/17926/7261 ( There were 52 camels also)

source Hüseyin Hüsnü Emir (Maj. Gen. Erkilet) "Yıldırım" p. 329

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Post by stevebecker » 24 Feb 2007 23:37


Thanks mate very interesting.

I take it there is a mistake in the strenght of the 16th Div as its OR numbers appear off or the officers are? /306/809/687

What I wanted to discuse are the Corps Artillery assets, do you know if there were any like that shown on with the 16th Div
(a comman fire 12 cm obüs battary, a powerfull maontain battary).

Were any German or Austrian Btys around and what were they?

Thanks again for this valuble item.


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