Haydarpasa Railway Station explosion

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Peter H
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Haydarpasa Railway Station explosion

Post by Peter H » 10 Apr 2007 13:13

Within the First World War, the ammunition stored up at the station building and would be dispatched to Anatolia had exploded by means of a sabotage on September 6, 1917 then the big and terrible fire had occurred. Together with the station building lots waggons that full up with ammunition and soldiers and also ready to dispatch (depart) and entering into the station had been burnt up and destroyed by the terrible fire. As a result of this sabotage, the roof of building had been burnt up and destroyed and the other sections (divisions) of building been damaged.

The castle-like Haydarpasa Railroad Station on the Asian shore was built after the earlier station (1903) was destroyed by fire in 1917
The current station:


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emir pasha
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Post by emir pasha » 10 Apr 2007 18:31

To my knowledge, the explosion was at Haydarpaşa mole, not at the train station. Looks like I was wrong :) This building is one of my most dear sights in İstanbul. İt has a magnificent old restaurant which is a favourite among the ealdermen of our city (of whom there sadly are left only a handful). I'd strongly suggest a visit and a meal if you ever visit İstanbul.

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