Aide-de-camps of Ataturk

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Aide-de-camps of Ataturk

Post by Tosun Saral » 30 Jul 2007 10:36

War invalide Cal. Major Sami Yanardağ:(Istanbul 1895. ?) As the WW1 broke out he was encruicedet to army as cadet officer. He fought te British at Gallipoli at the order of 12th Regt., 4th Co. During the battles of Anafartalar and Conkbayırı he aided Mustafa Kemal Bey 5 days. He was with him at the Trench when a British shell hit his pocked watch. He was with the other aide Zeki Doğan (Gen. Doğan) just a few steps behind him.

He tells "A shell exploded just infront of us. Me and Zeki Doğan buried under soil. The explosion was so heavy that a corps of unknown Turkish soldier who was buried in our trech fell over us. We tried hard to get out. We asked each other if we had wounds. It was a miracle. We were not wounded. At that moment I saw Ataturk cleaning the dust off his uniform. He was standing there like a lion. Allah the Almighty saved him for us for the suffering Turkish Nation. I told him " Sir You are wounded" He looked to me and pointed his finger to his mouth and said "Hussh" A piece of shell hit his pocked watch. I offered to give my new phosporic watch. He refused. He told me I should keep that watch for the night battles in the future."

During War of Liberation served at Manisa and Afyon Fronts at the order of 54th Regt., 2nd Co. his arm wounded by a artillary shell during the Great Attack of Sugust26th 1922. After the war he aided Mustafa Kemal Pasha during the years 1927-1930. Retired in 1936 as war invalid.

In 1927-1930 other aides of President Ataturk
fron left to right:2nd Lt. Naşit, Chief Aide Maj.Resuhi, Capt. Sami Yanardağ,ç
sitting Lt. Şükrü
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