Turkish Commanders killed in Action

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Turkish Commanders killed in Action

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Hafiz Hakki Pasha Commander of 3rd Army died of epidemie 21 Nov.1914
Miralay (col.) Samsunlu Mehmet Ali Bey commander of XIII th Army Corps at Selmanpak on 9th Nov.1915
Miralay (Col.) Sabri Bey Commander of 9tg Division on 2nd July 1916
47 R. Binbaşı (Major) Ahmet Tevfik Bey commander of 16th Division on 21th July 1915
57 R. Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Ali oğlu Hüseyin Avni Bey commander of 19th Division on 31st July 1915
Bahaeddin Pasha commander of 30th Division on 18th June 1916
Miralay (Col.) Mehmet Ali Bey commander of 51st Division on 18 Nov.1915
Binbaşı (Major) İsmail Hakkı Bey commander of 14th Infantry Regiment on 28th Aug. 1915
Binbaşı (Major) Hüseyin Bey commander of 17th Infantry Regiment on 30th June 1915
Kaymakam (Lt.col.) Üsküdarlı Mehmet Halit Bey commander of 20th Infantry Regiment on Aug.1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) İşkodralı Yusuf Ziya Bey commander of 21st Infantry Regiment on 9th Aug. 1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Ahmet Şevki Bey commander of 33rd Infantry Regiment on 29th April 1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Melikzade Ali Abbas Bey commander of 35th Infantry Regiment on 19th Aug. 1916
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) İbrahim oğlu Fuad Bey commander of 42st Infantry Regiment on 12th Sept.1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Mehmet Muhtar Bey commander of 42nd Infantry Regiment on 9th Nov. 1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col) Mihal Gazizade Hakkı Fadıl Bey commander of 43rd Infantry Regiment on 9th Aug.1915
Binbaşı (Major) Hilmi oğlu Hüseyin Hüsnü Bey commander of 82nd Infantry Regiment on 29th May 1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Ali Rıza Bey commander of 98th Infantry Regiment on 2 nd Jan.1915
Kaymakam (Lt.Col.) Erzurumlu Tevfik Bey commander of 99th Infantry Regiment on Nov 1915

May they rest in peace. There is peace at home.

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