Zeki Bey : Memories

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Zeki Bey : Memories

Post by Tosun Saral » 26 Jan 2006 11:02

Miralay/Col. Ahmet Zeki Bey(for more information please look at Major Zeki Bey in this forum) was the commander of 2nd Cavalry Division who entered Izmir September 9th 1922. Here is his memories:
"The cavalry Division which I commanded got the ordrs to cover the back of the Greek Army. For this reason we had to cross the high and rocky Ahor Mountains. The Greeks never thought that we could cross that mountain but my cavalry walked all night long and transferred to the back of greek lines. By our transfer to the back of the enemy two armies came face to face since the Sakarya Battles. Our main task was to defeat the Greek reserve forces before they could transfer to the front. On the way we met some Greeks forces in a small village who resisted ud a while. Those Greek units were all destructed by the attack of our 2nd Cavalty Regiment. The Regiment also destroyed 2 Km long railway. Mulazim/Lt. Yildirim Kemal Bey who was a brave and well educated officer was killed during that operation.[The reailway station is now called Yildirim Kemal] We continued to walk and ride during the night of August 27, 1922. We walked at the back of the Greek front to the direction to north. We reached to "Egert". Thus the kessel planned by our General Head Quarters was closed.
On the morning of August 28th before sunset my division was stationed between the head quarter of General Trikupis and General Diyenis the commander of reserve units. To improve our position we made unexpacted raids by cavalry to the forces of General Diyannis in twilight. The Greek reserve units were all in deep sleep. They all defeated. We learned that even the tent of General Diyannis was hit by our bullets. We defeated also trucks, wagons of a transportation unit.

to be continued.

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