Erich Kiesant (1889-1959)

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Erich Kiesant (1889-1959)

Post by Auceps » 05 Aug 2020 12:24

There is some interesting thing about Erich Kiesant's address in Potsdam. According to the address book Potsdam for 1927 some piano teacher (Klavierlehrer) Erich Kiesant lived in the Lindenstraße 24 (that's right in the city center). In the address book for 1934 the teacher keeps living there, but at the same time some pianist Erich Kiesant now lives in the Brandenburger Straße 7. In 1936/37 in the Lindenstraße 24 lives a Musikzugführer Erich Kiesant, while the pianist lives now in the Drewitzer Straße 17. In the address book for 1938/39 Erich Kiesant in the Lindenstraße 24 is already a Musikmeister, but at the same time some music teacher Erich Kiesant lives now in the Hermann-Göring-Straße 6. In the address book for 1949 now a pianist Erich Kiesant keeps living in the house at Lindenstraße 24, but at the same time another Erich Kiesant, who is a Kapellmeister, lives in the Schillerstraße 6. I assume that Erich Kiesant that we know lived in the Lindenstraße?


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Re: Erich Kiesant (1889-1959)

Post by Ivan Ž. » 12 Aug 2020 15:12

The two persons that first came to my mind as someone who might be able to solve your dilemma are Mr Thomas Freitag (author of the book "Niel") and Sigmund Kiesant, who was, if i remember correctly, contacted by Michail (Schmeisser) in the past.


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