German military inspection music

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Re: German military inspection music

Post by Ivan Ž. » 01 Sep 2019 17:26

Panzermahn wrote:
01 Sep 2019 17:04
I would have thought when the Deutschlandlied were played, everyone would have stood still rather than there were movements. But it seems from the information you had provided the German national anthem together with the Praesentiermarsch (depending on the branch of service) it commonly played together when the Kaiser or Reichpraesident were reviewing the troops.
Yes, they were played together when the troops were inspected by the head of state (Kaiser, Reichspräsident or the Führer).

Another Hindenburg inspection video; one can nicely hear the Präsentiermarsch-Nationalhymne-Präsentiermarsch combination (the same combination as recorded by Ahlers' band for the "Gloria" label, see the first scan in my previous post).


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