Die Jägerbraut (Und zieh'n zum breiten Tore...)

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Die Jägerbraut (Und zieh'n zum breiten Tore...)

Post by Valery » 01 Nov 2007 05:12

Hi all.
Please can you help me find out the title and the lyrics of this song.
It's entitled as "Grenadiere" but I think this is not it's title or at least isn't full title.

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Post by Ivan Ž. » 01 Nov 2007 11:07

The title is "Die Jägerbraut" (Marsch der Goslarschen Jäger), composed around 1935 by Richard Hewers (1883-1962), who was the bandmaster in III (Jäger-)Bataillon des Infanterie-Regiments 17 in Goslar. The lyrics were probably written by Karl Reinecke-Altenau (1885-1943), painter and poet (source for the lyricist-claim: Kai Gurski, Schlägel, Eisen und Hakenkreuz - Das Thema Bergbau im Werk des Malers Karl Reinecke-Altenau). It was recorded by Luftwaffenmusikkorps 2 (Bundeswehr), and some other bands.


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