Amen (2002) soundtrack

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Amen (2002) soundtrack

Post by ozs86 » 07 Feb 2003 15:31

[Topic entitled "chanting in german..." renamed by the music section host, Ivan Ž.]

I dunno how many of you guys watched the movie amen...
well it was wonderful and shocking as well...
do any of you know what the german soldiers were shouting out when they were going to the front with trucks-hitting the floor with their rifles...
it was somethin like "vorwarts,vorwarts...(I can't remember the rest... :oops: )
do you know any other ones???

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Ivan Ž.
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Post by Ivan Ž. » 04 Jun 2005 19:08

Hello, ozs86

I don't know whether such a chant actually existed or if it was made-up for the movie, but at first they say "und vorwärts fest den Schritt, wir gehn an unsers Führers Hand", which is a (modified) line from the Christian song "Nun aufwärts froh den Blick gewandt" (Nun aufwärts froh den Blick gewandt und vorwärts fest den Schritt! Wir gehn an unsers Meisters Hand...), and in the end they say "wir schreiten Seit' an Seit'", which is a line from the popular workers' youth song "Wann wir schreiten Seit' an Seit'".

(For those having trouble finding it in the movie, the chant in question appears at about 1:54:00.)


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