78 rpm record "HJ singt und spielt"

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78 rpm record "HJ singt und spielt"

Post by Fallersleben » 01 Jun 2016 20:39


I have here two records titled "HJ singt und spielt", puplished by the Kulturamt der Reichsjugendführung.
Is it possible to determine the record company who produced the records? I think it's difficult because only the matrixes "2" and "4" (see label) are pressed in the shellac.

Second record:

Best.-Nr. J. 11
A: a) Und ihr rufenden Fahnen b) Lasset im Winde die Fahnen wehn
B: a) Im ganzen Land marschieren nun Soldaten b) Nur der Freiheit gehört unser Leben

The style of order numbers differs totally and no matrixes are pressed in shellac or written on label on second record.
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Re: 78 rpm record "HJ singt und spielt"

Post by Teppeny » 16 Sep 2018 14:31

Hello, is this possible to hear the recordings ? It would be very nice to hear them !

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