German songs and the French Foreign Legion

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Re: German songs and the French Foreign Legion

Post by Ivan Ž. » 03 Nov 2018 17:06

Teppeny wrote:
03 Nov 2018 16:01
??? "En avant parcourant le monde" I don't recognize the exact the name of the song
It's the folk song "Ich bin der Bub/Bua vom..." (Fuldatal/Westerwald/Aubachtal etc).

Note: let's not forget that the topic is German songs used in the French Foreign Legion, and not German songs translated/covered in French.


I've removed two incorectly identified melodies that you listed.

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Re: German songs and the French Foreign Legion

Post by Platon » 30 Nov 2018 18:37

I want to thank and congratulate "sauerkraut" for the excellent research that he carried out regarding German military songs sang by the French Foreign Legion. :D Also to everyone that have added their knowledge and input. I would like to point out that the German soldiers joined the French Foreign Legion as a way to escape many years of confinement in jail or maybe execution, so they were told by the French authorities. This, of course, was a lie but it served to their purpose.

This has been mentioned, among others, by general Bernhard Ramcke, who witnessed this fact and saw many young paratroopers joining the Legion out of fear. Ramcke himself was told that he would possibly remain in French custody for many years until his trial was carried out. Therefore is easy to understand why many German servicemen joined the French military. Again, thank you to everyone for their contributions.

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