Walter Emmerich

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Walter Emmerich

Post by ansata1976 » 22 Apr 2019 11:44

I am interested in a list of all marches of Walter Emmerich

I have recordings of:
Helden zur See [Marsch]
Unter der Reichskriegsflagge [Marsch]

Which other marches Walter Emmerich composed?

I am interested in more details of his life (date and place of birth, date and place of death…)

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Re: Walter Emmerich

Post by Ivan Ž. » 22 Apr 2019 15:25

I know of three compositions by Walter Emmerich, all three recorded by Teichmann's band for Telefunken (two in 1938 and one in 1941).
Unfortunately, in Prieberg's "Handbuch" there's a mix-up regarding these marches and their composer. The author mistakenly credited the first two marches to Robert Emmerich (1836-1891), and the last one to "Walter Emmrich" (there was no Emmrich, it was a typo printed on the Telefunken label, see the scan above).

"Torpedo los" in Hofmeister's monthly report for Dec. 1941:
(notice the correct spelling of the composer's surname - and also the different spelling of his first name)
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