Keys of NSDAP music

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Keys of NSDAP music

Post by Voght » 26 Jul 2019 03:59


So i read somewhere (and i might be taking written sarcasm too literally), although i forget where, that there were rules to what key NSDAP music was to be in (the key mentioned was A)

Is there any evidence that this was mandatory either for party functions, state functions, or just plain in general?? And if the answer is yes, then it begs the further question of any tangible evidence that this was a)monitored to the point of b)enforcment. I mean we all know grammar nazis, I've known a few (musical) key nazis, but this sounds like too much. Not out of reason, because, as a German, i know the culture. Not perfectly, but enough to think there is actually something to this.

If so, it explains why i sing in one key for 90% of songs. Lol.
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Re: Keys of NSDAP music

Post by Ivan Ž. » 26 Jul 2019 08:15

Hello and :welcome:

The answer to your question is simple: it's nonsense. Take any NSDAP songbook with notes in it and see for yourself.

In future, I suggest choosing more reliable literature and doing some research before posting questions.


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Re: Keys of NSDAP music

Post by Sejanus » 26 Jul 2019 09:22

Greetings Voght:

While I am no where near the expert level of our section host Ivan Ž, the only rule I know of that is even close to matching your question regards the Horst Wessel Song (Die Fahne hoch), which was the SA (Stormtrooper) marching song that was made the dual national anthem (along with the Deutschlandlied) during the NS era.

After coming to power, Hitler had reportedly officially decreed the tempo (but not the key) at which Die Fahne hoch had to be performed at; I believe there was a regulation to this effect however I have not seen a copy of it myself to confirm (it is, however, noted in several books regarding Third Reich music). And would not the key signature itself be somewhat dependent on the sort of musical instrument(s) being used?

Also, when you use the term "NSDAP music," keep in mind that a lot of what the party used was not new or necessarily even created by them originally, instead being influenced by old German folk songs and other pieces that the party appropriated for itself.

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Re: Keys of NSDAP music

Post by Bertill622 » 26 Jul 2019 16:12

Any key could have been used, it is a matter of transposing, every player in a military band should be able to do this.
Most military bands, using brass instruments, often play in the key of C, Bb and G.

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