Musikzug des SS-Artillerie-Regiments

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Musikzug des SS-Artillerie-Regiments

Post by Ivan Ž. » 19 Aug 2020 14:54

A rare photo of the band of the SS Artillery Regiment, which was formed in February 1940 and led by SS-Hstuf. August Nickel (centre, with glasses), former bandmaster of the I and II battalions of the "Germania" Regiment. The band was formed from musicians of the II Battalion, "Germania" Regiment (Nickel's former band), III Battalion, "Deutschland" Regiment, and SS Pioneer Battalion. It existed for two years, until it was incorporated into the "Nordland" Regiment, in February 1942. (Info: Fritz Bunge, Musik in der Waffen-SS, pp. 61-62.)
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Re: Musikzug des SS-Artillerie-Regiments

Post by Tretyak » 20 Aug 2020 12:22

Thank you, Ivan! They've got an interesting set of instruments, I must say: six French horns and baritons/tenorhorns, four flugels and six trumpets plus saxophone trio and bass trombone. Or was such a massive brass section typical for W-SS (say, LAH) bands?

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