Richard Seifert (1887-____)

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Richard Seifert (1887-____)

Post by Ivan Ž. » 18 Oct 2020 23:42

Richard Seifert, born 9 September 1887, was a well-known bandleader of Kgl. Bayr. Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 2 and of Stahlhelm-Bundeskapelle Halle a. Saale (a.k.a. Seifert-Orchester). He composed "Neuschwanstein-Marsch" (not to be confused with the march of the same name that can be found online) and the "II. Stahlhelm-Bundesmarsch" (with the melody of "Kam'rad, reich' mir die Hände" in trio). He made at least two recordings, with Jungstahlhelm-Bundeskapelle Nr. 1, Halle a. Saale (in 1932, for Grammophon: "Marsch der freiwilligen Jäger" and his "Neuschwanstein-Marsch").

Pictured, Richard Seifert as a Stahlhelm bandleader (notice the little Stahlhelm badge on his collar).
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